Budget Travel at all time

Budget Travel at all time

Published July 27, 2022
Being budget backpacker traveler since a teenager, always feel fun to explore different cities with a plan & budget after researching for decent price tickets and accommodation . This will allow a longer stay with money well spent for activities than in luxury plain tickets and hotels.
With the arose of budget airline , it’s amazing to find that the air tickets I bought in 1983 is similar at what can be bought nowadays. Also, with all those online helps by Google, YouTube , KOLs and different apps, you can get all you need to well plan ahead a leisurely exploring trip.
Based on the photos and diaries, some of my memorable trips that I would like to remember:
  • Silk Road
  • Tibet
  • Kashmir ,India
  • Mexico and Guatemala
  • Kushiro
  • Bangkok and Chingmei ,Thailand
  • Angor Wat, Cambodia
  • Guam and Saipan
  • Diving in Philippine
  • Diving in Indonesia
Bucket list for future plan:
Northern Europe
Siberian Railway
Spain & Portugal